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Table 4 Predicted common target onco/tumor suppressor genes involved in four types of cancer.

From: Development of the human cancer microRNA network

Target onco/tumor suppressor genes Type of cancer
  Colon lung pancreas prostate
APC 17-5p, 32, 20a, 106a   17-5p, 32, 20a, 106a  
EP300 17-5p, 32, 20a, 106a   17-5p, 32, 20a, 106a  
DNMT1 17-5p, 32, 106a    
MSH3 17-5p, 20a, 106a    
RB1   17-5p, 20a, 106a   
HOXB4   17-5p, 20a, 106a   
RECK    21, 106a, 155  
ETV1     17-5p, 20a,106a
SYT7     17-5p, 20a,106a
EGR1     191, 32, 106a
PTEN     17-5p, 21, 20a,106a
MCL1     17-5p, 32, 20a,106a
STAT3     17-5p, 21, 20a,106a
  1. Table should be read in this way: APC is a target gene of miR-17-5p, miR-32, miR-20a and miR-106a and this gene is involved in colon and pancreatic cancer